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You won’t get more Devon than a craft cider made with cider apples from local orchards in the oldest working cider mill in the UK.

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There was a time when cider was just for farmers but how times have changed. Now, it’s a tall drink over ice for a hot day, a mulled tipple by the fire or straight from the bottle when you want that fruity hit. But while mass market ciders produce it fast and filled with chemicals, Sandford Orchards are proper Devon, using cider apples from local orchards and pressing them to amber perfection. It’s the whole juice (never concentrate) which give it the flavour and complexity Sandford Orchards’ fans adore.

Rather like a winery, Sandford Orchards press only during the harvest, allowing it to age for anything from six months to three years. But while they do things in time-honoured tradition, owner Barny – who started out by making cider for his rugby mates – has his finger on the pulse of what modern drinkers want too. We joined Barny on one of Sandford’s regular tours and tastings at their Crediton HQ and he’s a hoot, informative and amusing in equal measure – plus you get to try five ciders and tuck into a homemade pizza. Read the review here.

That’s why if you go to any decent local pub, you’ll find Sandford Orchards behind the bar, and boy, there are some tasty tipples to choose from. If you like their best-selling Devon Red Cider, we think you’ll love Katja, a Prosecco-style cider, which bubbles just as prettily as fizz in a flute and Ice Cider. We’ve not tried this one yet but we’ve heard it’s like Ice Wine, good in a shot glass as an aperitif or as an after dinner shot with cheese and biscuits.

Ooh, and a brilliant one for party people…we’ve got our eye on their 5L Devon Red Mini-Keg. Don’t forget to send us an invite!

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