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  • pasta and squash dish on white plate

    What’s cooking? THIS!

    Bored of spag bol? Try our new Speedy Supper midweek dish and prepare to be wowed by these delicious diddy pasta balls.

  • Man in blue shirt in kitchen

    Tonight’s Dinner, Sorted

    Rustle up this Speedy Supper cod one-pot dish, courtesy of healthy eating guru, Dr Rupy Aujla. The doctor will see you now...

  • candles

    Burn, Baby Burn

    Nothing says romance more than the seductive flicker of a candle. Here's our pick of the best ones made right here in Devon.

  • pancakes cream

    Flip! It’s Pancake Day

    Can't be tossed to wade through pancake recipes? Just follow this failsafe one from the experts at Exeter Cookery School.

  • Gardening

    New Year, New Garden?

    Now is the time to embark on a garden reboot. Here's 5 tips to help you fall back in love with your winter garden.

  • Candles

    Light up your life

    ... well, your living room at least. Here's our bumper edit of the best scented candles. Perfect for gifts (and, er, self-gifting).

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