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Five Cedars Health & Beauty

Muddy says: totally unexpected bliss on the outskirts of Tiverton. Convenient and discreet (for when you need to pad back to the car after a facial and a wax). It’s five stars for Five Cedars

beauty treatment room

Ever been caught out, nipping home from the beauty salon, face free of slap and with towel marks on your face from that deep tissue massage? That’s just one of the perks of making Five Cedars your new go-to beauty retreat.  Just outside town and approximately ten paces to your car, you’ve more chance of winning the lottery (*according to the law of erm, Muddy averages) than bumping into someone you know.

You want more? Well, let’s talk about the super-friendly therapists at this family-run retreat; or maybe the huge range of treatments on offer; or the luxe Elemis products used.

If you’re after a lava shell massage, a super-cool bespoke bio-tec facial (I can highly recommend) or simply a decent manicure and eyebrow wax (and a chance to escape the kids for an hour or two, no judging here) you are, literally, in the safest hands.

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