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  • roast on plate

    Sunday lunch sorted

    Bring on the Yorkshire puds! The best spots for a weekend nosh-up with all the trimmings, across 18 Muddy counties.

  • exterior white jaguar outside town location

    Rev Her Up!

    Looking for new wheels? The E-Pace Jaguar 4x4 purrs its way through a Muddy test drive.

  • massage hands body

    Super-special spa breaks

    Feeling a bit meh? Get ye to one of these stunning spas, as chosen by the in-the-know (and well buffed) Muddy editors.

  • tables chairs red booths lights palm trees

    4 Plymouth Pitstops

    Eaten in and around Drake Circus lately? Funnily enough, I have and I've lots to tell you.

  • Teignmouth

    A 24 Hour Totter in…

    Teignmouth. It's the first of a new series of guides, exploring what to see, where to stay and how to find your fun. Read, go and do, Muddies!

  • David Schwimmer spooky eyes

    Watch me!

    British ad agencies, look how it's done! One mindless, funny, bonkers brand new Skittles ad from the US, starring David Schwimmer as you've never seen him before.

    • Intern post

      Fancy joining Muddy?

      Muddy Devon is looking for a brilliant intern & self-confessed culture vulture. Is it you, or someone you know?

    • Rawpixel Wedding

      Your Festival Wedding

      Fancy a festival wedding? From goodie bags, to heel-guards and the power of bacon: here are 10 essential planning tips.

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