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Wellbeing boost! 7 daily rituals to try now

Want to start 2021 with a spring in your step? Step away from the caffeine and biccies and try these energy-boosting tips from Kineta Tea's Leane Tilley.

Back in 2015, keen foodie and avid adventurer Leane Tilley (above), took a trip to Japan. She was amazed by the people she met who were filled with an energy that made them glow, and who swore by the green tea that they drank. It inspired a new career, as founder and owner of Kineta Tea. She called it Kineta for ‘kinetic energy’, ie the thing that makes all things move.

If anyone can make me feel like moving, it’s looking at Leane, who is frankly the most energetic and full-of-beans person I know. Since she has beans to spare, I asked her to share some with us.

Spill those magic energy beans please, Leane!

1/ Mediate for 10 minutes, ideally a gratitude meditation.

I’ve mediated since I was young, for me it’s energising – like a coffee-free coffee. I always choose something different to be grateful for. It’s not complicated, you don’t need any gadgets and I also combine it with box breathing, breathe in for four seconds, hold for four, then I breathe out for 8 to get rid of the built-up carbon dioxide. I’m as early riser so I do it first thing in the morning to put me a positive mood for the rest of the day.

2/ Exercise for half an hour, even if it’s just going for a walk.

I’m a bit crazy, I go out in all weathers – I love running in the rain! – except if its windy, in which I will do yoga indoors instead. It’s about building it into your routine, like walking the kids to school or walking the dog. I get up at 6.30am so I’m normally doing it before a lot of people are up but that’s the only way I can find the time, by making it.

3/Take a one-minute cold shower or go for a wild swim.

Don’t think about it, just do it! Before your brain realises what you are about to do, otherwise you’ll be put off. I normally have a nice hot shower then finish off with cold. Or if its a swim in a river or the sea I’ll do it for three to five minutes. It’s a really positive stress on your system good for your immune system and for your mindset – there’s a lot of science behind it.

4/Drink 1-2 cups of Matcha Tea plus two litres of water.

It’s so good for you, full of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants. I normally have breakfast first then have mine mid-morning for steady sustained energy to keep pushing through the day.

5/ Eat at least 12 portions of fruit and veg.

Five is a minimum, you need more for optimal health. It makes you feel fuller, gets more water, minerals and vitamin in you and stops me snacking. Spinach is a real go-to as you can put it in smoothies, omelettes, salads; I cut up carrot sticks and store them in a cup of water to stop them drying out and they last a few days in the fridge. I always have grapes in and eat just a few (not a whole punnet!) instead of a biscuit when I’m hungry.

6/Intermittent fast once or twice per week.

I really like food so I do the easy fast which is just 16 hours, you don’t count calories and it has all the benefits of a normal fast but is easier. You stop eating at 4pm then wait until 9.30am for breakfast. It makes me feel really good, clear-minded and more energetic the next day. Again, there’s loads of science to back up the benefits – it gives your body a break from digesting food and time to repair itself.

7/ Get 8 hours of sleep!

Harder than it sounds, I know. I’ve got a busy head, a lot going on with work but I’ve found that stopping screen time and getting away from artificial light after 9pm works for me. Or get a blue filter on your phone. I also hard a good tip from a sleep doctor, which is not so easy if you sleep with a partner, but instead of just lying there, get up and read a book until it makes you feel sleepy.

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