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Need More Wardrobe Space?

Don't we all. Here's how to clear the clutter with minimum pain, maximum fun! Pass the bin-liners...

Yes, yes, the last Bank Holiday weekend was the first totally sunny one we’ve had in yonks; but is that really likely again come the next one? I’m doubtful.  Plus, the one downside to all those BBQ’s and beach days is that I didn’t get around to my annual wardrobe sort-out.  You feeling it, too? There’s just not enough room for all the seasons, is there?

clothes hanging on a rack

So here we go, another long weekend looms; it’s time to reclaim some space in the wardrobe. Now, if you’re anything like me you’ll wrestle mentally with more than the odd “snug”-fitting dress (*read: you have to hold your breath and keep holding it to avoid a rip, doesn’t matter if you turn blue, it’s the colour of the season, right?), but you’re convinced you’ll be a size 8 again in a month or two.   However,  I’ve come to realise this year that parting company with those treasured threads is no bad thing; in fact there are some pretty awesome benefits.  Shall I elaborate?

It’s therapeutic: Have you ever noticed how you feel after a good sort out? I mean, I’m no scientist but I’m pretty sure that this classes as physical exercise, so you’ll surely benefit from the rush of those lovely endorphins that leave you feeling elated at your accomplishment. Plus, you’ll rid yourself of the burden of clinging on to pieces that you may never have worn again.  And that feels great.
Wonga: that got your attention, didn’t it? I’m serious – think of all the financial benefits if you can sell a few bits here and there.  Plus, while you’re clearing the decks, you’ll probably rediscover a few classics that were buried and need to be worn again, thus cancelling out the need to overspend.

woman shopping dress in window

Me: papped in the act at Mint!

Of course, you can venture online and sell that way, but really, who wants to spend every evening for the next few weeks answering irritating questions like ‘can you post to Timbucktoo’ and ‘can you please measure the hem and tell me how it’ll fit a 5’11’ person?’ not to mention the after-service and yadayadayada. Nope, life’s too short.  The savvy ones among you will opt for a dress agency, our local one being the awesome Mint in Kingsbridge.  Have you been? It’s a boutique exclusively selling high quality, pre-loved clothes, from vintage treasures to more modern designer brands.  If your clobber passes Janice’s keen eye, then it’ll be taken off your hands and sold for you and you get to pocket some of the proceeds.  It’s all very clever!

Happy endings: if you do manage to sell a few bits and pieces, they’ll go to someone who’ll treat them like new.  So if you’ve been clinging on to one or two items for sentimental reasons then, likely, this will help. Trust me, I’ve been with Janice and witnessed more than one lady fawning over and completely falling in love with a dress and it’s really quite warming to see something you once loved brought back to life in the shop, again. Just try not to change your mind and instead commit to letting go – it’ll be worth it.

white reiss coat red shoes

Treasures in-store at Mint Dress Agency.

You’ll do your bit for the planet: sustainable fashion – it’s the buzz phrase of the moment and for good reason. It’s simple, why feed the mass-produced market when you can recycle your high-quality goods? Share your wardrobe, save the planet, feel rightly smug about the fact.

And if you’ve managed to clear enough room…

flower dress leather green jacket red dress lace-up boots, vintage dress

Just some of what’s landed in store at Mint over the past few weeks.

Then well done, you! You’ve earned the right to purchase just a few replacements and you’ll probably find them, at a bargain price at Mint.  Honestly, from one week to the next, you never know what you’re going to find on the rails within. It’s so much fun discovering anything from Whistles to Westwood here and, an hour playing dress-up will leave you with a bouncy spring in your step.  Janice has an uncanny ability to read anyone who comes through the door and send even the most self-conscious packing with swagger.  Honestly, go, you’ll love it.

Shop at Mint Dress Agency, 23 Fore Street, Kingsbridge, TQ7 1PG. Tel: 01548 853161.  Open 10 – 4.30pm Mon – Sat.  

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