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Wicked Wolf Gin

Muddy says: If you like gin, you’ll love the taste of Wicked Wolf, produced on the banks of the River Lyn, in the wilds of Exmoor National Park. Launched in 2015, it’s a premium spirit carving quite a reputation for itself. See if you can spot it on the shelves of some of Devon’s top bars, restaurants and hotels…and then make sure you order a double.

Wicked wolf gin bottles

Ooh, what’s that howling? Is it the wind? Is it the mythical wolves* of Exmoor? Nope, it’s a party that I want to be at, because they’re all drinking Wicked Wolf Gin and the good times are rolling. Muddy readers can spot a premium product a mile off, especially when it comes in a bottle.  The award-winning Wicked Wolf is pleasing on the palette and on the shelf, too.  Pretty, isn’t it?    *There’s probably a legend, in a book, somewhere.

This Exmoor gin is the creation of husband and wife team Pat Patel and Julie Heap, who’ve expertly brought together a unique blend of 11 botanicals, to distill a gin for the most discerning drinkers.  Every bottle is blended, filtered, bottled and labelled by hand, the couple are that passionate – and, without getting too “Nigella Lawson” about it, the result is a drink that’s aromatic, distinctive and go-o-o-od.

Their top tip? Ice and lime with a sprig of thyme.  Go on, try it.

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