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  • Actors on stage

    Awful Auntie, Reviewed

    David Walliams' no.1 children’s best-seller has its first stage outing with a stop-off in Exeter, whoop!

  • scientist on stage

    A Roald Dahl classic!

    The stage show of George's Marvellous Medicine brings potion-making antics to Torbay in March

  • Cloud Cuckoo Land? Kinda wish I was there now

    You've gotta love this delightfully quirky kid's book, written by an equally quirky Devon-based couple.

  • Is this the new ‘Girl on the Train’?

    Looking for the new hot read? The Girl Before, just released,  is being touted as the new Girl on the Train and Muddy Sussex editor Debbie has somehow already gotten her mitts on it, devoured it and written this review for us. Check out her post, it’s well worth the read.

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