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Cool Camping

22 Mar 2017

Have you given a thought to summer camping yet? Those yurts, lodges and cool glampy sites get booked up waaaaay in advance, so to give you the early heads up, here are the 25 best places to start your search, as chosen by the people in the know –  the regional Muddy editors.


Hollington Park Clamping ,Woollen Hill, nr Newbury

If you love the idea of getting back to basics, but can’t quite bring yourself to sleep on a deflating air mattress, pitch up at Hollington Park Glamping near Newbury.

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Book Em Up! Top 30 Quirky Stays in the UK

10 Mar 2017

Love a luxe break? A sucker for heritage holiday rentals? Or is it all about the location? They all have their place but, for pure fun value, there’s little that can beat a really quirky stay.  The Muddy editors in counties from Cornwall to Norfolk, Kent to Warwickshire, have each found two brilliant, alternative properties with which to whet your travel appetite. And if you know a fantastic quirky stay somewhere that you think should be included, please comment in the box below – let’s share the knowledge!

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Muddy Checks in to the Horn of Plenty, near Tavistock

8 Mar 2017

Is there a more peaceful, elegant and romantic hotel in this part of the world than the legendary Horn of Plenty?  The late and ridiculously great David Bowie didn’t think so and I must admit I’m scratching my head, too.  This retreat on the Devon and Cornwall border has shown some serious staying power over the years and I recently got the chance to discover exactly why.

It’s not the guarantee of year-round sunshine, that’s for sure.  

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Camp it Up

27 Feb 2017

The idea of camping only ever seems to provoke extreme reactions, doesn’t it?  It’s either sheer horror at the thought of a night under canvas, or giddy excitement, mixed with a bit of rose-tinted nostalgia, imagining evenings sitting around the barbie and sinking a few glasses of rose (with not a spider-ridden shower in sight).  Wherever you sit on the pitch, the good news is that there are so many great campsites around Devon, that are geared up for hardcore campers and glampers alike.  

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The 16 Best Riverside Holiday Cottages

24 Feb 2017

Beach holidays in Britain always come with that anxious niggle at the back of your head – will it tank down for the whole week? Well, how about an inland lake or river holiday as an alternative? The Muddy editors who happen to be landlocked (*sob**) have scoured their counties for some stonking rental properties with their own little piece of liquid heaven to tempt you throughout spring and summer. Tempted?


River Arts Club, Maidenhead

Who needs the coast when you can have the mighty Thames?

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14 Beautiful Beach Cottages to Rent This Summer

23 Feb 2017

One of the big benefits of Muddy tottering its way into so many counties (er, 17 since you asked!) is that we have a raft of on-the-ground experts, squirrelling out the coolest, most useful stuff for the rest of us to plunder. Case in point – beach cottages. Thought about renting one this summer? Yeah me too. So allow me to lay before you a sandy smorgasbord from the Muddy regional editors – 14 beautiful beach properties for the bucket and spade brigade.

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A ridiculously stylish & fun country B&B In East Devon

13 Feb 2017

I’m beginning to notice a familiar pattern forming from my review trips: the weather is always grim. If there isn’t a thick blanket of fog, a force 10 gale and a flood somewhere en route then frankly, it ain’t a Muddy review.  On my recent visit to Old Park Hall, near Axminster, all three criteria were effortlessly fulfilled – and I decided to throw in mild concussion for good measure, having managed to shut the car boot on my head.  

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Blissful Spa Break: St Moritz Hotel, Cornwall

5 Feb 2017

Sometimes, all that’s needed to break up the monotony is a change of scenery and a few days away from the daily grind.  Fortunately, we’re right next door to Cornwall, (had you noticed that too?), and it turns out you really don’t have to go far to escape either with the kids, with girlfriends or with your beloved, as jammy Muddy Cornwall editor Sophie discovered recently.  She’s been for an uber-relaxing break at the St Moritz Hotel.  

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Spare pair of pants? 6 Awesome Deals on Quick Getaways in Jan

23 Jan 2017

I don’t know about you but I start to pout a little bit come the end of January.  I feel sulky that I’ve just endured a month of good behaviour/cold, dreary skies/the scales not telling me anything new/failed resolutions.  And fed up that a holiday seems a very distant speck on the horizon (I’m getting slightly hysterical just thinking about it).  But actually,  now is the ideal time to take off on a spur-of-the-moment escape to break up the monotony  as we prepare to trudge into February.  

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Special Muddy Deal On A Forest Holiday

15 Jan 2017

In a dry January when the weather has turned totally pants and half-term break feels forever away, I take solace by gorging myself on potential holidays. Hot summer holidays in exotic climes with Ryan Gosling (if he’ll only stop moaning on and on about how he desires me),  cool city breaks with Mr Muddy, gorgeous cottages in rugged climes for walking hols with my galpals and for family time in the UK, something luxe but active, rural but not too holiday campish.

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