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Cool Camping

22 Mar 2017

Have you given a thought to summer camping yet? Those yurts, lodges and cool glampy sites get booked up waaaaay in advance, so to give you the early heads up, here are the 25 best places to start your search, as chosen by the people in the know –  the regional Muddy editors.


Hollington Park Clamping ,Woollen Hill, nr Newbury

If you love the idea of getting back to basics, but can’t quite bring yourself to sleep on a deflating air mattress, pitch up at Hollington Park Glamping near Newbury.

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Camp it Up

27 Feb 2017

The idea of camping only ever seems to provoke extreme reactions, doesn’t it?  It’s either sheer horror at the thought of a night under canvas, or giddy excitement, mixed with a bit of rose-tinted nostalgia, imagining evenings sitting around the barbie and sinking a few glasses of rose (with not a spider-ridden shower in sight).  Wherever you sit on the pitch, the good news is that there are so many great campsites around Devon, that are geared up for hardcore campers and glampers alike.  

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The 16 Best Riverside Holiday Cottages

24 Feb 2017

Beach holidays in Britain always come with that anxious niggle at the back of your head – will it tank down for the whole week? Well, how about an inland lake or river holiday as an alternative? The Muddy editors who happen to be landlocked (*sob**) have scoured their counties for some stonking rental properties with their own little piece of liquid heaven to tempt you throughout spring and summer. Tempted?


River Arts Club, Maidenhead

Who needs the coast when you can have the mighty Thames?

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14 Beautiful Beach Cottages to Rent This Summer

23 Feb 2017

One of the big benefits of Muddy tottering its way into so many counties (er, 17 since you asked!) is that we have a raft of on-the-ground experts, squirrelling out the coolest, most useful stuff for the rest of us to plunder. Case in point – beach cottages. Thought about renting one this summer? Yeah me too. So allow me to lay before you a sandy smorgasbord from the Muddy regional editors – 14 beautiful beach properties for the bucket and spade brigade.

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The Feb Half Term Muddy Guide

8 Feb 2017

Batten down the hatches, the kids are out of school and back within your clutches.  This week’s guide is all about survival.  Enjoy x

Busted, Plymouth Pavillions, Fri 10 Feb

School’s out and Busted are back, with an all-new grown up look and sound, although I’m pleased to see that Charlie’s eyebrows are still desperately trying to be the fourth member of the band.  The two-time Brit Award-winning trio say they reunited in the studio almost by accident, but it was a happy one because now they have a new album and a UK Headline tour.  

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Cloud Cuckoo Land? Kinda wish I was there now

28 Jan 2017

Just before Christmas I was at a craft fair at Dartington Hall, trying desperately to placate the Mudlet, who was rather irritatingly attached to my left leg like a prickly limpet.  I was just about to give up and strop off back to the car, dramatically declaring the day over (read: large G&T time), when I discovered the arts & crafts room for kids – hallelujah!  But it wasn’t the sight of pipe cleaners and pencils that bought me an extra half-hour of grown-up time, it was a quirky-looking fella, a kind of rock n roll version of Rik Mayall in the corner,  who made a beeline for us and asked if we wanted to hear a story.  

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What’s On: The Muddy Guide (Thurs 19 – Weds 25 Jan)

19 Jan 2017

In the weekly Muddy Guide, I’ll be doing all I can to prise you away from the sofa and give you a gentle shove towards the front door. So let’s kick things off with 9 awesome things happening this weekend and beyond.

Last days of the Clangers, Bagpuss & Co Exhibition, Burton Art Gallery, Bideford, 19 – 22 Jan 

This is your last chance to see this really lovely-sounding touring exhibition, organised by the V&A Museum of Childhood, before Bagpuss takes one final yawn and curls up to sleep.  

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It’s National Storytelling Week

12 Jan 2017

If your highlight of 2016 was that New Year’s Eve bedtime story by Tom Hardy on CBeebies, then you’ll probably tick yes to one or more of the following statements:

Do you harbour dark and sinister desires that Peppa would jump in a shallow puddle head first? Wish that Bing would meet a grisly fate down a rabbit hole and hope that Iggle Piggle’s boat would capsize in a freak storm?

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