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Sound the Special Offer Klaxon! Treat Mum (and you!) at Fab lifestyle store, Nkuku

15 Mar 2017

I’ve been dying to tell you about Nkuku since I popped in for a little mooch a while ago and basically restyled my entire home off the back of it…in my dreams.  Now, with Mother’s Day on the horizon, I reckon this is the time to do so and the lovely people who run it agree, since they are giving you, dear Muddy reader an exclusive discount to make the most of in-store and online between now and M-day.  

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Muddy Goes Retro at Sloggett & Son, Plymouth

15 Feb 2017

A few weeks ago, I finally poked my head in to Sloggett & Son on Plymouth’s Union Street.  For those who aren’t local, this is an, um, interesting part of town with an, err, interesting past, involving sailors, a long list of shady clubs and more than a few police vans over the years.  It’s a colourful history alright; but the street also has some fab old buildings that escaped the heavy World War II bombings and, maybe it’s wishful thinking, but I’d love to see it finally shake off its dodgy reputation.

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The 6 hot new interiors trends

12 Jan 2017

Unless you’re a billionaire with a mega-yacht moored off the coast of Antigua (and if you are, wanna hang out?), Christmas forces you to spend time at home. And, unless you happened to invent the White Company, trust me, this enforced period of being housebound can be agony. It’s amazing the work you discover needs doing when you see your home from new angles, clearing up Christmas tree needles, retrieving toys from under the sofa that the kids are already bored of and from the floor where you’ve plonked yourself because the relatives won’t vacate the sofa.

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