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Tick Tock! Mothering Sunday still need sorting?

12 Mar 2017

I mean, the Mummas among us have a vested interest in this one, don’t we?  Who wants to spend the day at Pizza Hut when everyone else is out there having all the fun?  So whether you need to employ some careful manipulation with your brood (read: shove this post under their noses), or you’re looking for inspiration for your own mum and in-laws, you’ll find the Muddy Mega Mothering Sunday picks here.

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Muddy Checks in to the Horn of Plenty, near Tavistock

8 Mar 2017

Is there a more peaceful, elegant and romantic hotel in this part of the world than the legendary Horn of Plenty?  The late and ridiculously great David Bowie didn’t think so and I must admit I’m scratching my head, too.  This retreat on the Devon and Cornwall border has shown some serious staying power over the years and I recently got the chance to discover exactly why.

It’s not the guarantee of year-round sunshine, that’s for sure.  

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Muddy is first through the door at brand new restaurant Brown & Bean, Plymouth

5 Mar 2017

Well, that was unexpected.  There I am, tottering along the street, minding my own business, nose to the Muddy grindstone wondering where to park myself and my laptop for coffee, when all of a sudden, I remember where I am.  Didn’t I read somewhere about a new restaurant opening on Ebrington Street soon?  I wonder where that is, then?  Oh, hang on.  Right in front of me.  And, oh, hang on.  There seems to be movement inside.  

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Hello Kuku, Pleased to eat you

20 Feb 2017

Cast your minds back to the mayhem of Christmas.  Whilst we were all gorging on stilton and cocktail sausages and tottering out of bars a little bit piddled after the work Christmas do (I saw you), something pretty special happened in Plymouth; a brand new sushi and Japanese restaurant quietly opened its doors, limbering up, ready to do a number on us all come “healthy season”.

Fast forward to Feb and Kuku has elbowed its way to the top of people’s must-visit lists and provided some new energy about town.  

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A Muddy Brunch at Brixham’s Coolest Cafe

1 Feb 2017

Any cafe that calls itself The Curious Kitchen is bound to bring a Muddy editor sniffing about the place, isn’t it?  And besides, it was about time I made a pilgrimage back to Brixham to cathartically cleanse myself of some dodgy memories.

You see, me and this fishing town on the English Riviera have got previous.

About ten years ago, I found myself at Brixham harbour at the crack of dawn, with a horrendous hangover, to produce  a day of filming out at sea, alongside one of those huge, smelly Russian cargo ships that looks like a block of flats from land.  

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Alternative, Fromage-Free ideas for Valentines Day

30 Jan 2017

My head hit the table today at speed when I realised that V-day is creeping up on us like a red velvet-caped assassin.  For crying out loud, just as we’ve got Christmas done and dusted, now the pressure is on to roll out a massive show of affection for our loved ones.  I’ll tell you what, this year shall we make a pact not to go too over the top on the roses and dodgy poetry and, instead treat the day as a chance to simply enjoy doing something a bit different to the mundane and ordinary?  

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What’s On: The Muddy Guide (Thurs 26 Jan – Wed 1 Feb)

25 Jan 2017

Healthy Breakfast Weekend at Darts Farm, Fri 27 – Sun 29 Jan

Breakfast, brunch, brinner, brupper, whatever you want to call it, I’m a massive fan, so you might just catch me loitering at this one, taking place at the best farm shop in the UK (that’s not me bragging, it’s true, they’ve got the award!).  It’s a celebration of healthy ways to kick off the day, as loads of the region’s best artisan suppliers will be coming together.

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What’s On: The Muddy Guide (Thurs 19 – Weds 25 Jan)

19 Jan 2017

In the weekly Muddy Guide, I’ll be doing all I can to prise you away from the sofa and give you a gentle shove towards the front door. So let’s kick things off with 9 awesome things happening this weekend and beyond.

Last days of the Clangers, Bagpuss & Co Exhibition, Burton Art Gallery, Bideford, 19 – 22 Jan 

This is your last chance to see this really lovely-sounding touring exhibition, organised by the V&A Museum of Childhood, before Bagpuss takes one final yawn and curls up to sleep.  

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Quirky boutique stay at Glazebrook House

12 Jan 2017

I’m going to have to learn to get a grip when I blog about hotels.  Seriously, what is it about going a bit off-piste and being someone else’s guest for the night that sends me a bit giddy?

But then again, if you can’t be a bit of a kid when you’re checking into a hotel with an Alice in Wonderland theme then, quite frankly, when the hell can you be?

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Breton Tops On: Fab French Food at the Millbrook Inn, South Pool

12 Jan 2017

There’s nothing quite like a village drama to rock up in the midst of – and bonus points go to the Millbrook Inn, at South Pool for being a nativity-themed one.

Just before Christmas we took a family excursion to the South Hams, in search of a bit of peace and quiet before the inevitable chaos that would soon ensue with visiting family.  (Just as a Muddy aside by the way, I thoroughly recommend a day or two somewhere ‘off-grid’ if you can, to psych yourself up for those mulled wine spillages, roast dinner dramas and the living room always being ‘too damn hot’.)

We took a bracing and soggy morning walk along the beach at East Prawle, then got back in the car in search of an open fire and ten minutes later found ourselves in the village square at South Pool, below.  

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