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Sound the Special Offer Klaxon! Treat Mum (and you!) at Fab lifestyle store, Nkuku

15 Mar 2017

I’ve been dying to tell you about Nkuku since I popped in for a little mooch a while ago and basically restyled my entire home off the back of it…in my dreams.  Now, with Mother’s Day on the horizon, I reckon this is the time to do so and the lovely people who run it agree, since they are giving you, dear Muddy reader an exclusive discount to make the most of in-store and online between now and M-day.  

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A Muddy Brunch at Brixham’s Coolest Cafe

1 Feb 2017

Any cafe that calls itself The Curious Kitchen is bound to bring a Muddy editor sniffing about the place, isn’t it?  And besides, it was about time I made a pilgrimage back to Brixham to cathartically cleanse myself of some dodgy memories.

You see, me and this fishing town on the English Riviera have got previous.

About ten years ago, I found myself at Brixham harbour at the crack of dawn, with a horrendous hangover, to produce  a day of filming out at sea, alongside one of those huge, smelly Russian cargo ships that looks like a block of flats from land.  

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Fancy A Coffee? This Muddy Offer Will Have you Full of Beans

19 Jan 2017

It might be the caffeine high, but I’ve just got to tell you about my little discovery today.  I checked out Plymouth’s newest indie coffee shop, Good Coffee Headquarters (GCHQ if you want to be cryptic).  Not only is it a dose of retro cool and a balm to the soul for serious coffee-drinkers, but I also managed to twist the arm of the owners to give you, my dear Muddies, a special offer.

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