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The Muddy Book Club: March’s Best Reads

20 Mar 2017

Seeking literary inspiration? Muddy HQ’s professional bookworm Kerry Potter is here to help with her March picks. That precarious tower of tomes on your bedside table is about to get even taller…. And if you have any recommendations of your own, we’d love to hear from you – literary musings in the comment box below please!

How Not To Hate Your Husband After Kids by Jancee Dunn

Now there’s a book title after my own heart.

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Can’t be tossed to find the perfect pancake recipe? Muddy to the rescue!

22 Feb 2017

Every Shrove Tuesday, I say the same thing to the Muddy clan: ‘Why don’t we have pancakes more often? I love pancakes!’  Then we wholeheartedly throw ourselves into a new weekend tradition of Sunday pancakes, which lasts all of, oh, three weeks tops.  And then we forget about pancakes, including how to make them properly.  And repeat annual cycle.

The thing is, practice makes perfect and perfect I am not.  I’m sure half the problem is the fear of ballsing it and the kitchen up, in the process. 

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New! Muddy Book Club: February’s Best Reads

19 Feb 2017

Need a new book to get stuck into? Muddy, as ever, is here to help. Taking being a bookworm to a whole new level is Muddy’s Kerry Potter. She gets 300 – yes, THREE HUNDRED shiny new tomes delivered to her house every month as she’s also books editor at a glossy mag (won’t somebody think of her postman and his lumbago?). So who better to do a monthly round-up of her favourite new releases?

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Cloud Cuckoo Land? Kinda wish I was there now

28 Jan 2017

Just before Christmas I was at a craft fair at Dartington Hall, trying desperately to placate the Mudlet, who was rather irritatingly attached to my left leg like a prickly limpet.  I was just about to give up and strop off back to the car, dramatically declaring the day over (read: large G&T time), when I discovered the arts & crafts room for kids – hallelujah!  But it wasn’t the sight of pipe cleaners and pencils that bought me an extra half-hour of grown-up time, it was a quirky-looking fella, a kind of rock n roll version of Rik Mayall in the corner,  who made a beeline for us and asked if we wanted to hear a story.  

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Is this the new ‘Girl on the Train’?

27 Jan 2017

Looking for the new hot read? The Girl Before, just released is being touted as the new Girl on the Train and Muddy Sussex editor Debbie has somehow already gotten her mitts on it, devoured it and written this review for us. Check out her post below, it’s well worth the read.

Please make a list of every possession you consider essential to your life’ so begins The Girl Before, a psychological thriller by J.P.

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The 10 top reads for winter

12 Jan 2017

Is it just me, or is it becoming increasingly harder to find the time to lose yourself in a good book these days?  This year I’m determined to broaden my reading list beyond celebrity gossip and friend’s status updates and, do you know what, this is the one resolution that I stand half a chance of keeping to, for January at least. It’s been that long since I’ve read anything decent though, so Clare at Dartmouth Bookseller, in the town’s lovely old Foss Street, has kindly recommended her ten top reads to snuggle up with this Jan.

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It’s National Storytelling Week

12 Jan 2017

If your highlight of 2016 was that New Year’s Eve bedtime story by Tom Hardy on CBeebies, then you’ll probably tick yes to one or more of the following statements:

Do you harbour dark and sinister desires that Peppa would jump in a shallow puddle head first? Wish that Bing would meet a grisly fate down a rabbit hole and hope that Iggle Piggle’s boat would capsize in a freak storm?

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