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The Muddy Guide (Thurs 2 – Weds 8 Feb)

1 Feb 2017

Devon knows that half-term is just around the corner (I know, already?!), so this week you’re being treated to a smorgasbord of grown-up fun, before it arrives and sucks you into a giant, sticky vortex of soft play.  Enjoy! x

Jay Raynor: The Ten (food) Commandments, Ivybridge Watermark Theatre, Fri 3 Feb

The award-winning restaurant critic and Masterchef judge has turned into a culinary Moses as he attempts to lead us to the edible promised land.  

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Alternative, Fromage-Free ideas for Valentines Day

30 Jan 2017

My head hit the table today at speed when I realised that V-day is creeping up on us like a red velvet-caped assassin.  For crying out loud, just as we’ve got Christmas done and dusted, now the pressure is on to roll out a massive show of affection for our loved ones.  I’ll tell you what, this year shall we make a pact not to go too over the top on the roses and dodgy poetry and, instead treat the day as a chance to simply enjoy doing something a bit different to the mundane and ordinary?  

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How’s dry January going?

12 Jan 2017

Dry January is dull, I’m boring myself just thinking about it; even saying the words out loud sound like a monotonous drone.  But boy can it work wonders; I know from personal experience, having tried it one year, mainly so I could finally part company with my maternity jeans…two years on from the first wear.

This year, while I might (read: probably won’t) make an effort to appease my Fitbit by moving about a bit more, I intend to make sure that at least some of that activity takes me in the direction of a bar or two this January…I just haven’t decided yet whether it’ll be a dry month, a damp one, or a monsoon.

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